Budget Consultation & Project Development

  • Creating a revenue plan that maximizes cash flow
  • Maintaining an up-to-date, central online repository of documentation on all matters related to the event
  • Developing pricing plans and application materials for vendors, artists, sponsors and other participants
  • Venue and process design, including map production

Community & Government Relations

  • Strategic political consulting and public relations management
  • Writing and submitting security, safety, traffic, sanitation and emergency management plans
  • Developing non-profit partnerships that benefit the event and the local area
  • Attendance and presentations at public meetings
  • Securing permit documentation and buy-in from elected officials

Event Management, Program Administration & Staffing

  • Creating contracts, business plans and organizational charters for new projects
  • Negotiating contracts and pricing for all event services and equipment
  • Invoicing and settlement of all event and program expenses in a timely manner
  • Recruiting, hiring, training and managing all staff
  • Managing placement, installation and removal of all event equipment, components, vendors, sponsors and other event components
  • Troubleshooting all operational issues that arise during the event

Promotion & Marketing

  • Distribution of press materials to all applicable outlets and solicitation of press coverage
  • Negotiation and implementation of all advertising and public communications
  • Graphic design for all media production
  • Launching social media networks in all formats
  • Targeted street team and guerrilla marketing programs

Partner Solicitation & Management

  • Creation, sales and distribution of sponsorship materials to all applicable national brands and agencies
  • Recruitment of food, art, clothing and non-profit exhibitors
  • Fulfillment and program management of all sponsorship contracts
  • Production of turnkey sponsorship programs

Content Development & Talent Booking

  • Creation of original content in music, dance, performance art, comedy, sports and interactive content
  • Solicitation and contract negotiation with booking agents for all forms of entertainment
  • Full service artist relations management of all aspects of travel and performance