All staff will utilize public transportation and car sharing programs in 100% of their activities producing the festival. Our people generally telecommute at least half the time, and most often use bicycles as a primary means of transit.

Business Practices & Sourcing

Metronome Chicago uses electronic forms of communication and advertising whenever possible. When physical products are required, recycled/biodegradable business and printing supplies are sourced whenever possible. Our events contract with suppliers for bio-degrable products, including cups, wristbands and food containers to be used during the event. Renewable and bio-diesel power sources are used as much as possible.

Waste Limitation & Recycling

We are consistently able to recycle and compost over 50% of waste generated from our event operations and essentially prevent multiple metric tons of solid waste from being deposited in local landfills annually. Vendors are given financial incentives to minimize their waste output and align their operations with our goals. Conversely, vendors are financially penalized for wasteful operations and business practices.

Public Cooperation

We aggressively promote cooperation on the part of attendees in reaching our waste limitation priorities and goals. Public advertising always promotes responsible environmental behavior to attendees, including use of public transportation to and from our events.

Questions: If you have any questions about what it means to run a sustainable event, please contact us at